For pure performance, it's hard to argue with the Z06. But man, these things just turn heads so much more. The Vette has gotten leaner and angrier in past couple generations, taking on a lot of Italian cues along the way. This thing still looks like the brutal American concept from the early 90s, and I mean that as a… » 10/06/14 1:12pm 10/06/14 1:12pm

I'll paraphrase Ferdinand Piech in saying that VW execs needed something opulent in which to arrive at meetings with other German automakers, and that driving an A8 would work, but it didn't say "VW" on it. Yeah, he said it in an interview. Also from VW's marketing materials: It's everything we know how to do, done… » 10/06/14 11:46am 10/06/14 11:46am

As a long-term buyer, I actually say "go for it!" (And I do financial and loan risk analysis for a living). If the lender is willing to take that risk of underwater collateral, the consumer will usually be the winner. However, buy the damned gap insurance! » 10/03/14 5:00pm 10/03/14 5:00pm

Maligned? This plane has given me a boner since before I knew what the hell was wrong with my wee-wee. This is the sole job I would apply for if I ever joined the military. Close air support just always seemed like the best way to fly, but still be in the middle of everything and make a direct contribution to the… » 10/02/14 3:18pm 10/02/14 3:18pm

I saw these guys live at a street festival when this song was a huge hit. At the time, I was a little critical of the poppier elements of rock, but in hindsight, I still really enjoyed it. In terms of pop music, I'll take this over all the quasi-club, not-quite-hiphop, autotuned teeny bopper stuff I hear today. » 10/02/14 8:43am 10/02/14 8:43am