I have absolutely loved my nearly 8 years around here and I think you're doing a fantastic job at the helm, for whatever it's worth. I've been through probably a dozen changes in the site layout, and we all complain and moan about them at first โ€” it's human nature. But after a couple of days, it settles down and we all get used to it.

This new Kinja revamp is awful. I know we're trying to simplify and streamline, but at least on my machine, everything is slower and wonkier, harder to find, and generally less user friendly.

Maybe this is just a cutting-edge preview of where the internet is going, but it's just giving me a headache...and making me sad, as many of my online friends and acquaintances are here on the site. There are just too many layers now, and it just doesn't make sense to me anymore.

Consider this a vote to roll back to a more understandable, two-dimensional posting and commenting system. I'm not leaving out of spite or anger, just out of usability issues.

Maybe I'll give Hooniverse another shot, or even go back to TTAC (where I first learned of Jalopnik so many years ago!).


Take care, all, and keep the shiny side up!