Today's Gen Z language confusion...CVS Edition

I know I’m getting old, but I swear kids are getting younger FASTER than I’m getting older. Today it was at CVS.

Me (phone): “My wife is picking up some photos in a little while. We were wondering if you also make photocopies there.”

Her (phone): “Yes, we sure do, they’re 19 cents each.”

My Wife (later, in store): “Yes, I need to make a copy of this 10-page document.”


Her: “Oh, you’ll have to go over to the post office for that.”

She got “Photocopies” and “Photo Copies” mixed up. I guess it makes sense to start saying “Xerox” again.

EDIT/UPDATE: The post office did NOT have a photocopier, nor did a local drugstore nearby. Sounds like the only options left are libraries or pack&ship places. (FWIW, this is a sensitive medical document that the doc won’t send electronically, so we only have a hard copy. And scanning & printing it home is a PITA.)

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